Pare wo to any that the Third Interna.
tional was created. But things were better at our conference.
There were not only Russian. and German communists, but also odicial representah vu ot Austria. Some were arrested on the way, others traveled on the bumper: of the trains for eighteen days. and arrived in a desperate condition. Comrades told us that the Austrian COmmunist Party had formed only four months previous isolation was the cause of our ignorance of what was taking place there. and the Austrian comrades did not know that in Germany (even between Austria and Germany communication was poor) our comrades had decided to call themselves the Communist Party. During that period they created a communist party which is growing daily. From the report it can be seen that they already have a majority in a number of industrial centers, and are even beginning to be successful among the soldiers. Further, we had an edicial representation from Hungary. We know that the Hungarian Communist Party is growing stronger every day. We had representatives from the Balkan and French communists. We had representatives from a number of other groups, about which you may have read in the paners. And we can truthfully say that whatever there was in Europe that was communistic was represented at our congress. Especially characteristic was the news from the small mum of Switzerland. You THE COMMUNIST ports; of the man in the street, that no one needs a special appointed theoretician tor the puposo of. drafting this program, that every worker of the rank and tile believes it to be close at hand, that communism is present everywhere. Every working circle thinks about it, makes it a question of the day, and considers it the main task.
These cases are not exceptions.
They show that communistic organizations will keep ongrow ng more and more every day.
This is why we took upon ourselves tho boldness to proclaim the International. At the be ginning things took this course.
The representative of the German Communists almost ulti matively insisted that we remain solely a conference, not proclaiming a congress. The Austrian comrades at that time were not present, and the representative of the Balkans had failed to arrive. The Central Committee of our party, discussing the situation, insisted that we should form a Third International. But at the same me we said that since the German comrades were against it, we could not allow strained relations, in View of their ultimatum. This was after they had lost so heavily. And We said: Even if they are wrong, we should give in on this point. This statement was made in the name of the Central Committee of our party.
But as the delegates arrived and reports were read, the German Communists became more lenient on that question. It became more and more clear to know that this country is a semi agricultural and petty bourgeois republic. There the working class represents only one third of the population.
What has been happening there for the hat year You have heard of the great strikes which took place there. corn mania: group was formed and many circles were organized!
A! one congre there were us that if we should fail to pro«
claim the International immediately, it would mean a grave mistake, and a crime against the working class. This question was brought up at the con gress. The German comrade refrained from discussion, but when it was unanimously decided that the Third International should he proclaimed, he rose, and amidst great ap plause, said: Since the con, twenty three representatives 0112. has decided th. e Gereommunnt organizations. The man communists will be the worker! 0! Switzerland elected first to join this Third Internam of their own numbers to tianal.
draft a oommaaiatie program.
To a airnpla worker on metal of drafting a communist program.
a task given by a group at his comrades. h a significant thing that he did draft It. It also significant that in the nail teat area this program In the same as ours.
Comrades. when events such as these take vim. think, comrades, that as soon as the Central Committee of the German Communist party is informed about the sit, nation. it will decide in the same spirit.
How the conference worked you know from the newspapers. As a whole, the conference made up the balance at that which is contained in the rewhat do aolutlenl of our congress. We they indicate? It mean one of can any that the spiritual he the (realest events in the hip amony during the formation :1 tor: of the worhmx clan. I! the Third International absolahow that the idea of can. utely belonged to the Russian mun has become the Communiotic Party. Thb lathe proudest fact ever know. Indeed, only two years ago we were sufiering under the op pressicn of base Czarism. Our :omrades from abroad very often used to smile at us at the. ongresses. Very often they used to ask Plechanov: Tell a the truth, please. Do bears walk in the streets under the :pen sky in your country?
Even during the Zimmerwald Congress, the situation was approximately such that all these people doubted that Lenin and the rest of the comrades around him were representatives of the Socialist working class in Russia. We were delicately hinted about it; Alexroad and Martov subserviently connived at it: Of course, they represent no one. Such was the condition before. Now we have something of which to be proud. When the best elements of the workers world came to us. people who recently lost such great leaders as Karl Liebknecht and Roza Luxemburg, people who are considered the leaders of the most intelligent and enlightened, organized, most self sacrificing part of the working class of the whole world, they with an open heart confessed that the spiritual leadership in the present developing world revolution must belong to the Russian Communist Party. You know that the congress decided on the platform of the International. It was very easy to write out that platform. The only thing to be done was to summarize what had been written before. Further theses were read about the bourgeois democracy an dictatorship, theses which were, in my opinion, the most significant documents in the history of international socialism. We often used to say that a communist manifesto should be written. If there is any other document which could he more or less compared with the Communist My 24. me conditions could be created which would make possible the sittings of the conference of the Third International.
have not lost our hopes for it, and facts indicate that this will come about in the very near future. But in the meantime.
the honor of our party consists in that here in Moscow, capitol of the Soviet Republic. will he International and its Executive Committee. Thus a great task greater one than before. Beside apiritual hegemony we must help our comrades in the a y trying circumstances.
They cannot work underground because they are made of different stufi, due to the fact that they had a different party. think that our party, no mattir how uneconomical in disposing of its forces, must assist materially the workers of other countries, and give help in 01ganization.
We see clearly the circumstances under which the Third International is being born.
The First International, in fact, was formed in 1847, when Marx and Engels predicted that the Socialist revolution was at hand. Many said that Marx and Engels erred, and that their predictions cams to grief, and Engels replied: It is not astonishing that some of our predictions did not come true. but it is astonishing that so many of Marx predictions were realized. The First International fell in 1, together with the Paris Commune. From 1889 up to 1902 the Second International acted. It had strong and weak points. It gathered millions of workers who lorm. ed strong organizations, which afterwards partly decayed, as the trade unions in Germany.
but which gave an impetus for union to the oppressed classes.
The organizational forms were Manifesto, it was the thesis which Lenin made public and which the congiess accepted.
The congress further discussed the attitude toward the Berne conference, and characterized it as did. Finally, the conference discussed the ques«
Lion of organization, and decided to form immediately an Executive Committee of the Third International, which includes one representative from each nation who must act, for the time being. in Russia. We said it was temporary, and added that we would be glad i!
we should succeed in transfer! ing the headquarters of the Third international and the Exoculive Committee ea soon as forged by the workers in the struggle.
Under entirely difl erent surroundings, tns Third Internanenai is being born. It is born while humanity suffers from iha horrors of war. The working class is being bled to death.
Behind it are mountains of corpses; in front, a burden of heavy taxes, a number 0! hourgeois governments which try to provoke new wars. It is said that things are cemented by blood. There is enough blood flowing under our Third International. Thers is no stronger foundation than that which WI created three weeks ago Kremlin. It is an organization which guarantees complete vll tory; which in the near lutun possible to another capitol, lay Paris. We should be glad it will bring us to an International Soviet Socialist Republicheld the sessions ot the Third is still ahead for our party, a. work of reconstruction under