lhe Commumst Official Paper of the Communist Party of America Vol. I, No. Chicago, Ill. Saturday, July 26, 1919 Five Cunt; The New Freedom at Work FROM THE ALL RUSSIAN EXTRAORDINARY COMMISSION The October revolution did away with the tyranny of ca.
pital. The Workman and Peasanm Government of Russia, after four years of bloody War, builds on the ruins of the decomposed absolutist state a new socialistic state.
The propertied classes of Russia which the revolution deprived of their capitals, land, factories and shops, declared war on all toilers of Russia. In this hard and unequal struggle the working class forged a new weapon, and organized our fine Red Army. At the cost of terrible sacrifices and horrible suffering on the battlefields and in the rear of our revolutionary centers, come the conquests of our socialistic revolution.
The German workers and peasants rise to help the Red Army. The Hungarian Soviet Government already is celebrating its triumph, and throughout all Europe the voice of the protesting proletariat of Western Europe is heard. But the nearer the help, and the nearer the victory of the workers of the whole world, the more stubborn is the opposition of the enemies of the working class, and the harder it is for the working class to bear the burden of the struggle against the propertied classes, together with their aids, both open and secret. In the struggle with the working class, the agents of imperialistic countries sow and spread panic among the population of Russia, and throughout all of Western Europe. Rumors are spread that the Soviet government seizes ikons in churches, forbids services, and insults the sentiments of religious people. By provoking the masses of the people, the enemies of the Workmeu Peasants Gov ernment appeal to the masses to start pogroms and plunder.
The agents of the bourgeoisie and their hirelings, Social Revolutionaries and Mensheviks, appeal to cm Red Army to lay down their arms and cease de tending the Socialistic father (Continued on Page 8)
The social structure of Europe 1s on the verge of total col lapse. Four long years of war has left the peoples of the Old World bleeding and suffering. Bearing up and struggling on through the greatest orgy of blood the world has ever witnessed, the nations cherished the hope that soon it would all end and they could rebuild and reconstruct the world upon a basis satisfactory to all.
And with what are they faced? ri he war to end all wars has been followed by what. With wars on the Adriatic and in the Carpathians, in the valleys of Lithuania and Finland, on Chzeko Slovak and Ukrainian plains and on the Siberian wastes. Tom for more than four years with the bloodiest war in all history, Europe must be again torn and rendered in the vain efi ort to solve the contradictions arising out of war itself. The beautiful ideals that were mouthed to entice the masses now come echoing back to mock them in their misery.
The west bank of the Rhine and Delmatia cry out against SelfDetermination; the walls of the Paris peace chamber whisper against Open Covenants Openly Arrived At; phrases fit to thrill a poet soul turn to ashes in the mouth. Nothing has been changed; capitalism in all its hideousness still prevails.
Through the delirium and hysteria of the war, the peoples of the world visioned the golden age that was coming with Peace. That vision has become but a mirage upon the capitalist desert. Social Justice! Machine guns met the workers demonstrating in the streets of Paris on the first of May. Thousands are forced to strike in England; whole provinces are under martial law in Spain; the oppression of the workers grows heavier in Germany; the Italian proletariat is preparing for the final conflict with its master class; America is in the throes of strikes without number, while new legal chains are being forged to bind us.
All remains as before. England still holds Ireland, Egypt, India, beneath her paw; Japan tortures Korea into submission to her exploitation and dominates the hundreds of millions of China; France will revive herself with blood sucked from the natural resources of Morocco. The great powers covertly snarl and claw over the spoils Turkey, the Pacific Islands, Dalmatia, Syria, Palestine, Siberia, Africa. Nations still in swaddling clothes ape the great nations by plundering their neighbors in response to imperialistic ambitions. Nations but lately under the iron heel of Tsar and Kaiser stand, hat in hand, offering their services as executioners of Soviet Russia, in order that they may maintain their capitalistic existence or strengthen their position.
In the name of World Freedom the supporters of the Tsar are succored by the nations of the Free Peoples of the world.
In the name of human happiness millions are suffering the pangs of starvation, due to the blockades established by the Great Democracies. In the name of Independence the Free Nations of the globe, including Japan, have ignored the will of millions that imperial necessity might be met. Nothing is changed.
The contradictions of capitalism have not been solved. Capitallsts cannot solve them. These riddles are a Gordian knot that must be cut. The hour has struck! Capitalism has completed its work. The League of Nations is but a defensive alliance; they gird themselves to crush the workers governments of Europe. The capitalists of the world have spoken their last work. What will be the answer of the proletariat?
THE COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF THE THIRD INTERNATIONAL (Wa print below an item from the Petrograd Pravds, being the main part c! the report read by Zinoviev on the formation of the Communist International. This report was read at the Eighth Congress of the Russian Communist Pang Ed. When we gathered in Mos«
cow about the middle of March, and had heard the main substance of the Berne conference, we said: Not only do we have a right, seeing the complete bankruptcy and decay of what remained of the Second International, to form the Third International from those partial in all countries, but we must do so. It is our duty, and we must not lose a single minute. And we have formed it. At the conference in Moscow there were comparatively few people. Our enemies will use this argument: What kind of a Congress did you have when there were only forty people present? We have a right to answer this: When the First International was called, headed by Marx and Engels, it was created at a meeting in which four or five sections participated. Nevertheless, everybody knows the great historical role played by the First International during the decade 1863 to 1873. We must say that the Third International was born at the time when the working class in Russia triumphed brilliantly under the banner of Internationalism. This was the cornerstone of the Third International. Of course, one party cannot alone create an International. few links are necessary for this purpose. But at the time when the German party, which had leaders such as Liebknecht and Luxemburg, and having to its credit several uprisings of Soviets, called itself Communist at that time the Third International had already been born.
Even if, at our conference, there had been only represent.
atives of the Russian Commun.
lfit Party and the German Com.
munists, we would have a right