ill) AdOlPh Genner. is a big man physically, but otherwise very small. As to the honesty of his opinions and the sincerity of his convictions, there can be no doubt in fact. he is willing to twist and pervert the facts to defend his honest convictions. do not think the man is a deliberati liar, or even a stranger to truth, but he certainly is very careless in handling facts.
In the controversy which now rages within the Socialist Party over the expulsion of the Socialist Party of Michigan and the suspension of seven Language Federations, Adolph goes out of his way to drag into the columns of the EyeOpener an assortment of halftruths, so assembled as to justify the actions of the National Executive Committee.
All his bellowing and squealing and personal attacks will deceive no thinking person. The whole thing is camouflage to cover up or obscure the fact that the membership has voted the old gang out of office, and they prefer to split the Party rather than give up their controll Under the caption The Left Wing and how it Handles the Truth he presumes to be in a position to know the truth about happenings in Michigan, While as a matter of fact his information is decidedly second.
hand, and comes through those who have their own motives in misrepresenting the facts. case in point is the publica tion in the Eye Opener of the following letter from a sus. pended Branch of Local De trait. Detroit, alien. June 6, 1919.
The Socialist Party of the 503 Madison 52. Chicago, lll. Comrades. We, the North East Branch thish) ere suspended by our Cen LraI Committee for tho oflense of partitiyatinz in a prom: movement against the Pogroml on the Jewish People in Poland (They have also;suspended the other two JewishBranches. We cannot. see that wei have committed and. a urible crime.
fluinat the principles of international Socialism by our participation in this wherein: movement as to deserve morn ion. You Comrade of the National Executive, Milt Island well um those pone as organized by the Polish bourgeoisie with the pub We to suppress Lilo Socialist revomin in Pol ad by means of potroml and the spreading o! nutionul hlle.
The Jewish working class are the word Iuflvrm of these panama.
As our Branch sums to be true. he principles of the Socialist Party of the United suits. we would like 16. advise on whether we are 1 this near or ML would also like to be informed. nuns to th We. vi a»
THE COMMUNIST Adolph the Truth Seeker By John Kerachor Party nnd whnt stops will be taken with the National Executive.
Yours or Socialism.
The North Eust Brunch, Rcsoiution Committee, by Scott.
Should some Lac Ill, Branch or individusl participate in a protest against such massacres in Ludlow and Holly Grove, they would be fired out of the Socialist Party in Michigan.
Who is it that is despotic?
The above letter and the comment thereon shows how greedily ADOLPH the TRUTH SEEKER seizes upon a perversion of facts to contrast the injured innocence of. the National Executive Committee with the autocratic Michigan organization. Germer says that the letter from the Jewish Branch proves beyond any pop aihle question that the National Executive Committee was not mistaken in their interpretation of the No Rcform amendment to the Michigan constitution. Now, even if this letter were truthful, it would still be but a local question and not a case against a whole State, but the writer or writers of the letter are, like Gcrmer and the peddlers nf half truths.
The Jewish Branches of Iav cal Detroit were suspended thnt much is true. The City Central Committee of Local Dctroit elected an investigation committee to look into the matter, but the Jewish delegates to that body stated that their Branches refused to be investf igatcd, claiming that there was nothing to investigate. They iplcati cd guilty. to the verbal charges made by other dolegatos that they were protesting against the pogroms in Poland as Jews and not as socialists. hcy declared that this was true and that it was their intention to continue to co opernte in the allti pogrom movement ln connection with rabbis, Jewish reformers, Zionists, capitalists and enemies of the work ing class in general. Had they separated themselves from those reactionary groups and continued their protests as 0CIALISTS, or even co operat ed with o h e proletariun groups, they would not have been suspended, but this they refused to do. They here dofmnt of all Party discipline and made nationalistic apecchcs.
much to the disgust of many of the Jewish delegates present at the meeting.
The amendment to the conslitution of the Socialist Party Niche soclali unme of lb: of Michigan was made to take CAN YOU AS SOCIALISTcare of just such cases. The referendum vote on the constitutional changes had not yet been tabulated, else they might have been expelled instead of only suspended. The City Central Committee of Local Detroit did not act arbitrarily as did the National Executive Committee in cxpclling the whole state organization for a constitutional change, the referendum vote on which had not been completed.
Germer a remarks to the effeet that those who would pro.
test against massacres such as those at Ludlow and Holly Grove would be fired out of the Socialist Party of Michigan are contemtible, to say the least. CAN YOU AS SOCIALIST STAND FOR THIS he asks.
That is just the trouble with the methods of the taking their stand first and investigate ing afterwards.
This excellent national secretary goes on to record that the moment the Michigan Charter was revoked the wires were burned with telegrams from Wagenknecht and Katterfeld, and Monday morning, John Keracher, state secretary of Michigan, was in Chicago.
You re just one day to previous there, Adolph: it was Tuesday morning when stepped into your oflice and you seemed surprised and demanded to know who had informed me of the action taken by the National Executive Committee.
It certainly was not the C. who gave me the information that the Charter of the Socialist Party of Michigan had been revoked. That was not their intention; they wanted to get their campaign of misre»
presentation well on the way first. They were somewhat surprised to see me and were unable to answer the simple question put to them: Has the Michigan Charter been revoked, and if so. Why? That clever person. George Goebel, remarked that he thought Michigan had not been expelled.
After returning from lunch, and having had time to consider the manner of their answer, James Ncal made a drawlinz speech explaining why the Committee had revoked the Michigan Charter. He explained that it was because our State Conven tion had adopted and submitted to a referendum of the membership certain constitutional amendments that Michigan had been expelled. The case was closed: their decision was fmnl; there was no provision for an appeal. Suddenly Gormur had an inspiration. he Pass Elven to Ncal, who then began to ask questions for the purpose of gaining information to bolstcrupthcslandthcy had taken.
Under the circumstances declined to answer his questions.
The expulsion of Michigan necessitated the calling of a special State Emergency Convention, which, despite Germcr a assertions to the contrary, was called in the regular manner. The members of the State Executive Committee were notL fled as was state secretary elect Johnson and the members of the incoming Executive Committee who took office July lat.
These officials, with the exception of one who did not respond, voted unanimously for the convention, which in turn approved the action taken by myself and the State Executive Committee.
The charge of the worthy Germer that private correspondence was carried on between myself and individuals in Michigan is as false as his other statements. The individuals coccsponded with were Local Secretaries, and the garbled question from my letters in the attempt to prove that endeavored to influence the election of delegates to the convention is a cheap trick, characteristic of all the quibbiing now indulged in by the in their attempt to justify themselves in the eyes of the membership. say quibbll ng, for that is all it amounts to. This split, which they deliberately precipated.
u as inevitable due to the development going on within the Party. What difl erence does it make if the division takes the form of expulsion or withdrawal? Those who desire to partl cipate in real socialist propa ganda will send delegates to Chicago on September let to or.
ganize the Communist Party of America.
OUR HONOR ROLL Expelled lo a. 5, ll Sui.
of the Revel lilo Socialist Party of Michigan Socialist Party of Massachusctts The Russian Federation The Polish Federation The Lottish Federation The Lithuanian Federation The Ukrainian Federation The South Slnvie Federation The Hungarian Federation and Local Rochester.
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