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the Ukrainian Federation. Socialist Party, to the ganizutions which have endorsed this action. ins Id be leased to have copies of all bullet MN m: on Organization Committee list of the orVand official documents sent out by the. since its existence. Awaiting an early reply. remain, Yours for Communism. LADAN, Secretary. Ukrainian Federation.
Socialist Party.
Boston. Mass. June 30. Tho following resolution was adopted at a membership meeting of the Russian Federation hes. Bun Taking into consideration that, ist, a split in the Party has been precipitated by the action of the National Executive Committee. which is but the logical step of the reactionists; 2nd, that further connection with these resctionaries, even partieipation in their convention, would avail us nothing: 3rd, that the capturing of the Socialist Party, which is hopelessly incompetent and harmful would be but a waste of time and energy: 4th, that in this hour of crisis we must prepare the basis for a new party, for a real international movement; and 5th, that to delay this work. even for a few months, would be detrimental to the revolutionary movement in this country; therefore be it RESOLVED, That we send greetings to the National 0rganizution Committee of the Communist Party, pledging our moral and material support. Down with the Socialist Party of America! Long live the Communist Party l. Detroit, Mich. July Ai ter hearing the report of Comrade Alexander Stoklitsky on the Left Wing Conference, we, sixteen hundred members of the Russian Federation endorse and fully agree with the action and policy of the Minority Delegates. The time has arrivcd in America to form a strong and healthy movement. We have reached the parting of the ways, not only with the reactionary, opportunistic Scheidemonns, but also with the wavering, muddy Center. We send our greetings to the National Organization Committee of the Communist Party. Stand iirm, Comrades, in the great task that is yours.
Build well the new Party. We are with you. Long live the dictatorship ofthe proletn. Long live the Third International. Rochester, New York, July 12th, 1919. Batt, Secretary. National Organir tion Committee. Communist Par. 1221 Blue Island Ave.
Chicago, Ill.
Dear Comrade. At our regular meeting last night was instructed to inform you that we indorsc your call for a convention to be held in Chicago September Ist to organize a Communist Party, and will send delegates to some. Comradcly yours, C, Eli. BRIEN. Organizer, Local Rochester, Socialist Party.
Comrade Delegates: Opportunism and revolutionary socialism are as antagonlittle as the interests of the capitalist and proletarian classes.
The Left Wing is supposed to represent revolutionary socialism.
The Socialist Party stands for Opportuniam. We cannot join hands with the Socialist Party, We must organize a revolutionary party to carry out the mission placed on the proletariat of the world by the historic march of society. We have made acveral efforts here. You have refused to listen to the dictates of this historic miaaion of the proletariat. This compelled us in refrain from participating in the deliberations of the Left Wing Conference. However, Comrade delegates, at our caucus since your Conference adjourned last night, we have decided to msko one more eiiurt to cufl your co operatlon in organizing a Communist arty. in conjunction with the Lunguage Federations and the Socialist Party oi Mirhigan. The delegates at this caucus, taking the plr iiilm iiwy do. are convinced not only that it is impouihle to capture the socialist Party. but even in the avent of capturing the National iiocialiai. Party Convention the Left Wing will have but gained control of an empty Ihoil.
THE COMMUNIST July 19, m, ew of capturing thexiocialist lgarty fir Installs? in HE MEMBERS away mm a prose heir. 253133. a new party on the basis of the call Inugd b, the Communist International, and the program laid down by u, Conference on June 22nd. And we urge you, in conclusion. reconsider your former action and Jon: with us in the founding of a Communist Party in Chicago on September lot. In ll event that you will not co opcrste, we must re nfllrm our action of yesterday to take no further active part this Conference, Presented to the Left Wing Conference inOsession assembled in New York City on June 24th, 1919, by thirty one delegates representing the following bodies. Local Rochester, Local Providence. Local Cook County. Ill. Locni Rockford, Ill. Local Nantlcoke. Pa. Local Keno ha. Wia. Union Local, Local Milwaukee, Wit. Local Cudahy. wn. Local New York.
Our vi The Socialist Party of Michignn, The Polish Federation. The Russian Federation, The Jewish Federation (Left Wing. The Lithuanian Federation, The Louish Federation, The Esthonian Federation.
Left Wins: State Conf. of Minnesota, The Lettish Branches of Bostonn uflss.
Local Buffalo, The above have organized as the Minority of the Left Wing Conference. KEEGAN, of Bufialo. STOKLITSKY, of Chicago, KOPNAGEL, of Milwaukee, Chairman of caucus, Committee.
DENNIS BATT, of Detroit.
Secretary of caucus. OAKLEY JOHNSON, of Ann Arbor, Mich.
The above communication, presented to the majority delagates at the Left Wing conference. while in its nature an ultimatum. was submitted with the sincere hope that it would bring about some action on the part of the majority that we could indorse. Louis Fraina got wind of the fact that it was to be presented, asking for reconsideration of previous action. While another motion was on the floor he moved that the body refuse to reconsider or amend any action already taken. However, most of the delegates in the convention were honest. if mistaken, and raised such a storm about such an unparliamentary and suspicious motion that he withdrew it.
When Kecgan of Buffalo started to read the communication, an attempt was made oprevent him, AFTER the body had by special vote given him permission to read it! In this the blackguard element were unsuccessful and he proceeded. The communication was promptly tabled and the minority delegates gave up hope of the Left Wing Conference organizing a communist party. Comrades! i The Call of the Third International has been answered by the formation of the Communist Party of America. The expense of the propaganda necessary to make that party a success must he met. The expenses of the convention that will finally draw up the manifesto, program and constitution of the Communist Party of America must be defrayed. y. y. In the state of Michigan an aucasment of one dollar per member has been levied to meet the expense of organization. That is not excessive and ahould be easily mat.
We have not the space to make a full page appeal to you in this matter, even if It were necessary. The was.
in this paper in too valuable and must be used for other PIII PO QC. y y r: We know that you are behind us and will see the need of funds and answer the call. ACT NOWI Make your. contribution as up as possible. With your loyal support the future of the Communist Party of Austria is assured.
Malta all checks and money orders payable VSTILSON, Trcaaursr, 122l Blue Island Av. Chicaogo, Ill. i NATIONAL ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE DENNIS BATT. Secretary