any in. ms great mass of the people who live by telling and producing the wsalth of the world for meagre wages.
The very fact that capitalist apologists o! the type of Governor deen are forced to use such silly statements is proof of their lmpotenc. proot of thelr inability to stay the onward march of the proletsrist. The workers sun is rising and no modem Joshua is going to halt its progress.
THE DlSEASE SPREADS With the advent of proletarian rule in Russia the capitalists of the world became frightened at what they are pleased to call the disease of Bolshovism. And well they might be rightened. or it means their ruin. Like a contagious disease they have tried to quarantine it but with poor results. Because of their inability to undestand the nature and cause of Bolshevism they have looked upon it as some mysterious malady and thought that by quarantining themselves against it they would be rendered immune. The historical development of Europe has shown that no capitalistic nation is immune, for the good and simple reason that Bolshevism is not something that is brought into a country tram without.
Bolshevisn: is the natural result of the inherent contradictions within the capitalist system itself. These inherent contradictions in the capitalist economic system cannot be solved by the capitalist class. We cannot except them to commit economic enicide. They merely stand demoralized upon the floundering ship of capitalism and ail to comprehend the nature of the social phenomena through which they are passing. They can but pour the oil of compromise upon the troubled waters of the social sea. All the while Bolshevism becomes more strongly entrenched and breaks out in other countries.
Germany From the insistent demands made by the Independent Socialists for the Dictatorship of the Proletariat it would appear that the workers are becoming more active in their demand for the complete abolition of the capitalist system. Bernstorfl.
who is working with the Hillquit socialists of Germany, urges the government to convince the world that they do not want a revolution. in order that they may regain the good graces of their former enemies, and relieve the harsh peace terms and severe economic strain upon Germany. In this they are likely to fail. the economic pressure will increase. The result will be the. success of Bolshevism in Germany. History is working for the proletariat.
Hungary Bela Run is still functioning as the Bolshevist leader in Hungary, and all indications are that the Communist govcrm ment is growing stronger. They are organizing themselves to resist the Allied agressions and to some extent are defeating the economic blockade by the use of automobiles and acroplanes. lt is reported that they are using those means to smuggle gold out of Hungary for the purpose of buying contraband.
The Allies have informed Bela Kun that they cannot treat with him until he has fulfilled the terms of the armistice. The slow and deliberate way with which the communists proceed to carry out the terms placed upon them by the Allies would indicate that they are pretty sure of their position, It is a question or hanging on until the workers rise in some adjoining country. serious invasion of Hungary would probably precipitate a resolution in the countries of the invading armies. The Hungarian Communists can aliord to wait, Time is their ally.
Italy The situation in Italy looks promising lrom the proletarlan point of view. The trouble that has arisen over the high price at food stuffs does not necessarily mean a revolution. Nevertheless. thers is the chance of It developing into a revolutionary movement. The strength of the Italian movement is testified to in their ability to establish a dictatorship of the price of food. A taste of power is spt to encourage tho workers to establish a political distatorshlp o! the proletariat. The ltalian Socialist movement has long been one of the beat in Europe and the work that they have done in the past is about to bear fruit. ltaly will probably be the next to assume its place among the proletarisn powers.
One of the most encouraging bits of news that we have received is that on July 11th the Seaman Federation prevented the steamer Csblena. London to Vladivostok, from leaving the port of Naples because it wasnrrylng eighty cases at munitions destined or Allied cootingents lighting the Bolshevlk torus.
THE COMMUNIST Page It. France and England in France and England the workers are assuming a more belligerent attitude. They are taking action to assist their Russian comrades by preventing as far as possible, the sending and maintaining of expedition nst them.
Among the syndlcalis o divlslon is developing. One tendency is toward a compromiso between the classes the other toward a more revolutionary position. new organ has come out Is the mouthpiece of the revolutionary element. lnternational. lnternatlonal promises to tight interference in the ail airs ot the Soviet Government. The giant Labor is slowly awakening from his age long sleep.
Communiques Our ex comradc Seymour Stedman visited Detroit recently and attended a membership meeting of Local Wayne County.
lie was welcomed by the chairman, Dennis Butt. who remarked that he sincerely hoped that Mr. Stedman would meet with the same success in doing the dirty, comtemptible work of the National Executive Committee as upon the occasion of his former visit. I I Really, things have come to a pretty pass when the great Seymour Stedman has to go on the road organizing or the Socialist Party! I I We learn that the National Office of the Socialist Party has dispensed with the services of tlve former employee. Smatter, Adolph. business falling ofl. I I Former State Secretary of Michigan in sending out a call for an Emergency State Convention instructed Local secretaries to see to it that delegates to the convention were elected in the proper manner. This so shocked Adolph Germer that he put up an awful howl in the Eye Closer. Perhaps you would not have fallen from grace. John, had you proceeded according to the formula The constitution be damned.
o e o.
it seems that a certain delegate to the Left Wing Canteronce from Ohio was laboring under the impression that the Confsrcnce was going to organize a political party and not an in dustrial union. a s a Again the ox has fallen and another State joins the ranks of the outs. The Socialist Party of Massachusetts has been cast into the outer darkness by a vote of 10 to Secretary Games of the Seven Saviours has ordered the present Stats secretary to turn over his oilice and the property of the organization to his successor. What we would like to know is what steps Adolph will take to enforce his ukase. Scheidemann used machine guns will the pupil measure up to the standard set by his master. A definition by Jim Larkin: Suspicious person one who writes books. I I And by the way, the delegates to the Left Wing Conference were given a treat when Larkin described the raid upon the ofticcs of the representative of the Soviet government by the agents of the Lusk invstigating Committee. Speaking in Madison Square Garden to an audience of some ten thousand people Jim pulled this one: The ofllco was raided by a gang of bastard Irishman led by a god damned lousy Scotchmanl. e o y The workers may not have read the Capital of Marx but they sure do bear the marks 0! capital. e a e The great problem at tho Lott Wing Conference was to capture the Sociallnt Party or socialism. the nu.
Jorlty delegates are still. holding. tha ling.
Michigan is being ro organizedl Otto Branstetter is meets In with great success. lie has organized one Local 0! seven members and a Jewish Branch whlch was expelled by Local Detroit for participating in nationalistic activities has applied for a charter. Oh yes, even Michigan has its opportunlsu, and these are free to Join with their fellows. O I Mt all get together with Michigan on September Morn, qunlh thv dough boy delegate from that dear old Rockford, Ill.