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JUIIN KERACIIER DENNIS BAIT. ELBAUM ROPMGEL o. ionxsoN. STILSON ALEXANDER STOXLITSKY. DENNIS BATT. Secretary ALEXANDER STOKLITSKY. Organizer J. STILSON. Treasurer SUBSCRIPTION Single Copies cents 00 per year Bundle Rates on Application 00 six months Publi hed Weekly By THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE I221 BLUE SLAND AVENUE. cmcaco. ILL. monsoon. an. Munster VERBAI. BALOONING With the exception of twenty or thirty were we now have peace. That a democratic peace has been made no one can doubt after President Wilson fervent affirmation of the fact.
But. then. what is a democratic peace? President Wilson has explained in his usual manner the League of Nations Covenant and. truly. we should be satisfied.
His beautiful rord picture of the League of Nations is very en»
trancing, but upon examination it just as meaningless as most of his previous speeches. Full of glittering generalities. it furnishes a fine verbal smoke screen for the League of Nations. which is nothing more or less than an alliance of the national groups of capitalists throughout the world.
Many senators are girding themselves for their opposition to the covenant. Their ponderoua efforts are ludicrous. The squabble between pro League and anti«l. eague can mean nothing to the working class. It is merely the periodical Punch and Judy show for the cdification and confusion of the scisoer bills.
Sensible workers will keep their feet on the ground and refuse to be carried away by this verbal balooning of either the President or his opponents. The League of Nations can never be more or less that an alliance of the robbers of the working class. THE OF. GAG In thevclosing hours of the Atlantic City convention the Holy Family of the American Federation of Labor became apprehensxve of the security of their future position and decided to entrench themselves.
There has been a strong tendency inside of the of to modernize the organization. Many workers have come to realize that the obsolete plan of craft organization is but the reflex of craft production and should pass away with the passing of craft production. They have come to understand that any organization that proposes to protect the workers in modern industry must be formed upon an industrial basis as a reflection of industrial production. Further. as the development of the capitalist system has given a political character to strikes. by the more frequent and sudden use of the political weapons against the strikers. wage slaves have come to appreciate the value of calling a strike of the whole community. Those tendencies towards industrial organization and the general strike menace the security of the position of the dues93191 in the American Federation of La. taken stepsto stop it. b0! and they ha e The Constitution of the Federation has been amended to make it illegal or any organization or members of the organizm tion to advocate a general strike or industrial organization without the consent of the General Executive Board of the American Federation of Labor. Everyone knows how much chance there is for the Executive Board Mu. approw of that kind of There is an old saying that if a calf is I. given enough ro it will hang lIM II. It is quite certain that the of is geiiillg II ll. THE MOONEY STRIP try not be admitted that viewing c coon u. hol.
the ltlltoziiey strike was a failure. Whether the next find It!
the strike in September, makes better showmg Or not depend.
largely upon the understanding amongst the workers as to the cluse of the failure of this one.
Until the of convention cven MY VII of the opinion that there would be a. monster demonstration through.
out the country. In reality. there were comparatively 10 Work.
era on strike throughout the period set. In Chicago it in up matcd by the strike committee that two hundred thouund won out. but in most of the large cities there was little if any a.
In its work of crushing the Mooney demonstration the of served the master class well. as it did in many Other ways. Merely because a capitalist politician appeared before the convention and pledged upon his word of honor that Mooney was going to get a new trial the strike was called off.
The so called radicals within the of as well u the reactionaries laid down on the job. The reactionariea by assist.
ing in befuddling the issue and following their old course of. lending aid to the capitalists of the country. The radicals al.
lowed themselves to be fooled by the combined activity of the of jebholders and government ofliciais. The refusal of the of convention to indorse the strike together with Wilson speech before the body completly demoralized them.
They were apparently unprepared for the situation that confronted them. Anyone with any forsight at all should have been able to see that there would have been a government representative there to befuddle the situation. As for the refusal of the of to indorse the strike. who but an idiot ever expected them to do anything else? The strike should have been called in spite of the action of the convention. This the radicals within the of weakly neglected to do.
If a general strike is ever to be a success in this country it must be pulled in spite of the reactionary activity of the of loaders. Any organization that is interested in calling a general strike will take that into consideration and lay their plans to go ahead without the of The leaders are nothing but barnacies upon the labor movement and the quicker the rank and file follow the example of their European brothers and walk over their leaders the better. GOVERNOR LO VDEN OF ILLINIOS At the Elk Convention in Atlantic City (Atlantic City seems to be the home of reaction. Governor Lowden delivered himself of a speech which is highly amusing to those who understand. We quote him as follows. For years we looked upon the Socialist party as fisionnrynnot de structive. he slid. The puny now has thrown on all disguise. It sought in every wily to obstruct this government in the prosecution or the war. It sympathized with every enemy who arose in our midst. Theii propaganda mut he met with propaganda of our on. We must show at our citizenship is not composed of classes whose inter»
est: Ir! antagonistic to one another. In Russia the radicals are seeking not equality of o portunity but equality of fact. They close the schools and churches. o destro the home they nntionalize the women. They appeal to emu force. ey know they must arouse class warfare. so they declare a war of the pluses.
Am :l hey speak at the proletariat and bourgeoise. There is neither III e ca.
The Governor speaks of meeting our propaganda with his own, and we challenge him to carry out his throat. If the propaganda which he handed out. in his Atlantic City speech is a fair sample of his capacity, we have nothing to fear. Governor Lou den and his kind do not care to meet the socialist argument with argument, for they realize that even the best of them would be helpless in the hands of a more soap boxer. The real aim of their speakers clubs and propaganda bureaus is to furnish rallying points for the Black Hundreds of America, that they may conduct their anti Socialist pogroms. In his statements of conditions in Russia, Lowden prove!
himself to be either a liar or a blatant ignoramus. The first real educational work ever known in Russia has been carried on by the Bolsheviki. As for the nationalization of women that charge has been proven ridiculous long ago.
With two per cent. of the people controlling ninety Per cent. of the wealth, the statement that there is neither proletariat or bourgeoisie in this country is absurd. With a small minority rolling in wealth and luxury and the great masses clay. ing long hours to produce wealth which they do not receive. one. cannot help but be convinced that there are classes in AmerinOne class that. receives its income by owning the tools o! 1de tion (the mines. mills, Iaclories. lands. etc. this class it celled enough rope. The question of its hanging rests with the worktho bourgeoisie the world over. another class mode up 0!