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ln The Thieshold of Liberty. Extrscts from the Spanish section. Who is he who does not feel the proximity of a catastrophe that is about to write in letters of blood o new chapter in the history ot human progress?
lle must be deal who does not hear the rumble of (liscontent grow until it threatens to turn into the tempestous roar of o sea lashed by the winds; he must be blind who falls to observe in the multitudes the thousand and one ¡costuras of pain, of desperation ¡nd of rage. No one iails to perceive the fast strides of the Revolution on its way; no one fails to feel in his brow the burning breath of protest and rcbellion.
The proximity of the catuclvsm that hás to remove to its very Íoundations the social, economic and political structure that until now has formed the mode of life ofimman beings. ls foreseen by all. by the oppressed as well as by the oppressors, by the victiins as well as by the executioners. It means that at last the peoples have convinced themselves that the present institutions are not only incapable of assuring liberty and well being, but that they are obnoxious to the liarmonious development ot the huinaif specie as a whole, for if truly within them a few individuals are benefited, the majority, the iminense majority suller misery and oppresaion.
Constitutional monarchv, central republic and federal republic, restricted suíïraze and universal sufirage, all have been tried by human beings in their eagerness to conquer liberty and well being. nd in ¡ll those experimenta they have failed for government, no matter wliat its form. has ever proved to be the powerful and decided auxilisry of the strong to oppress the weak. No government of any sort has ever satisfied the lonzing for liberty and well being cherished by man, hence the existence of a «lesire lor a change in the manner of social life in human societies, ot attainini a form of life more in harmouv with the modern sense ot justice and the new conceptions of libertv.
It is not a particular people of the earth alone who aspire to a change, but all the peoples. The Revolution stretches its arm call ing; at every door, for the same misery is sulïered by all the peoples, the same tyranny and identicsl wretcheilhess reign in all latitudes, under ¡ill the skies, all the climas, under autocracy, as well as under democracy, and so we find that at this moment, all the peoples who until yesterday were long suffering and submissive. shake their indolence, open their eyes and clench their fists; All indicates that this great social revolution which advahces at great strides. shall not be limited to dethrone a king to put a president in his place, or to depose a president to replace him with a new one. Humsnity is tired of such changes; no one believes any longer that Peter is better than John as a ruler, since experience has taught that all rulers are equally obnoxious; that governments have no other mission than to garantes the rich the, safehenjtiyment of thez wealth poneros mich. Chill bn (hit have com: to th: landlords ofthe State, whom he slds iii throw the door wide open to the armed the usurpation of the common heritage of In The Amerforce them back to slavery the local suilio uprising of those below against those above. ht: lnhfibikfifiíi of that region, Ó ritics ami and give power ol life and death of the hungry against the glurtons, ofthe. Tiig inhgbgiim; of severa commiiiiiiici. ELilihínïlrpnhfllncsïïdÏïflpïfiiïpïifïïaciíd (Trflnsiatcd fu. ha Spanish según. oppressed against the oppressgrg. cow ds in the Shau ol liidalgo, alter whom ¡lic loans and gambhnglï dicns me inn. Arm ¡WO Week of Confincmmtin ¡ha Vïlïlïlh we have predicied that the. aii nenes catranzista Oltllfls were sent to despoil Jeficrson City, Ma pmnflenüary Hum op e are being foiced, An ii¡sign¡f. a. them ofibcii londs, hand them bad. to Deïmv Kslllerifiq wilh innnnúled Power? Goldman, the bizarro amszon bfanarchism mxpwmd. Cldml 3113 d SPM ma lie kimi! now Cnmpluin the PIDE How Can they learn it when they see m. evunuauy wi 1¡gh¡ the Powder ¡ha ¡he non of the government to the exploneri that the government llo vs the rn ste to Nom Ameúca released o han fi I l id a a rs. Omaha ¡mi pimocrars of m, 60mm. goes o iie einem o maririg me ao ici. am, hundïeds ma offlme hounde of, 315, 000 pcndmg the NvlEvV oflier und ha scïmemd broadcast themselves grub and farm me land: that. Alexander Bcrkmarfis cases in the Sn teme.
same stripc, as their special police, while. Let me Powerldrunk Ovsflmds Conrinue ivete taken from the people, anime dmtate and the newspdper that same government probiluts the sale or Cum This powerful cause for popular dis.
that seeks to blame the W. Cir excesses, so muah the better tor the. nm ¡he gmkers. im me. muy b, a, Alexander, Will Morris Becker and. content comes in addition to the paciettectcause of human liberty; so much quicker to the most brutal asisults? How could they fall the learn it; when they see that to English Section Send money payable to the Editor ENKHJUE FLÜKÉS MAGON. inox 1236, Los Angeles, Col.
e No. 59 Saturday, September 1st, 1917 speak out in a time of crisis like this is a newspaper that lets cowsie. The southern part of Mex?
ico is in the hands of the proletariat, and in Russia, two million five hundred thousand acres of land have been taken by the peasants. without waiting for a congreso io deion itself decree the expropriation of the Land. What happens in Mexico and in Russia shall happen all over the world, for everywhere the land is usurped by a few, and to the nsurpation oi that natural source of wealth the misery of the popular massas is due.
In Mexico the Revolution follows its course. ln Russia it is formidable. Petrograd is the scene of encounters between the rebel forces and those of the provisional oovernmeut. The forces of the reaction bang their heads upon seeing the rebels parade the streets with such signs as: Ariarchist Group of Kronsdadtf Down. with authority? Hail the Communc.
The russian bourzeóisie sees with horror the proximity of the moment in which. bv consent or force, it has to turn to the people. o lN REE llliilillilll (Translated fmn the Spanish section, W. 01 the» German SCCTCÍ agents their mercy? How can they fall to learn Louis Kramer, is in the ombs prison, New Cd by Carranza again: the workers, whereshall the prolctarm decide to take Justice the Arizona srrikes. ernmenr dues as much, instead of sending conspim ¡mmm hi, the archycfinfina ENRIQUE FLORES BÍAGON Act which was insertcd in the pacihcd up bles they ask out of the much they are robbed hsedless labor niajoritles und, after having. man to that cit where tl. Th ii. n of M. the cancer like roots ot anarchy he kmb ll 5»P 1 y Ey pm a e l le gon a Such hands, added to the dmdfiii. ihefirst one to raise his voice e osing the These dates have been t.
an empty nom. bm when he ca P 7 the ¿mm Germmys XP e 1m allierl hourgeoisie, to the extcnt that, for sua for ms cakes of mflk snake cien, with the lore that it is to go und mx him Í wmpllcill h lmmb expected sin ¡ere is no hope rency. a a result of which many workwhen he reads of the billions of ¡wm menu u. th. n,¡b¡e ¿nm plode by order of the bourgcoisie itself ¡md Supreme Court. for which change tai ring against Carranza, and caused the 011. riot of any Oflle! thing mi porstions, who have made fiirtuiies ii om the nzost devoted propagandists and oi ganw and the balance is to be raised. Carranza, in his valii effort! to hold bis Property rights are most res cede our reason able and just demanda. man are two fighters that for over 27 Kotsch, BOX 935, Los Angeles, New YOTk P0P. Ilelkini 188i. f th nu f th bourgeois paper talkingzfibutthe mcnts is not to protect the poor, the work. Dollar. Both of them, for so long ma y o e ero me w details which are in aceordance with than some would admit. whíd h bm NW m6 ¡m both, in these moments of great dangcr, Frank il. Little, member of the is an ass. ii when the state government senda troops York, pcnding his appeal, ami at the l b h h by he preventa his Congrnss from Parking The I, did not G31155 to harass the sirikers and the federal Eov same time, With amazing cold blood. there Ïlnd: at Ongs o wii ¡s own. mi i919 Wing ¡he 13501 a The German agents did 110i: those troops (o lbrce the ciipilulist bucca pickup P¡93¿c. o¡i of San ¡ncigco aiiii carr nzis a Ï promulgred in sta 0m nation wid¿ 131. mu. neers to give the strikers ai least what little ¿the Chamber of Commcrcc. Compas QIICFCÍKTO. llumbug and niiraci the. nfihc capitalisiiui that 0l training false l uThe green of prefimory bush from the ¡nodurt pt their labor? the, evidence secure ha efufláíúon Offiuvk e o them in his grasp, dany then the paltiy uess made. me the son Where government, to Justify its wish of forcing sopsgranted by the said article. pickecl jury from the human cesspool to peal was again postponed until. md rebellmfl Íhïlve» taniccsixrlïn vigïcïïülïífïgcfi match him to the gullows for having been the early part of this month. economic Swami. b? the Pm in. when the worker faces y l of the carranzisra digmtaries and their to save the billions of that rapacioua mon. WhÍCh the Mooneys, Billings, changed with tedious reg ularity. not buy Shoes mr Children 8er and oftlic others from the Wall Street Wcinbcrg and Nolan re he object sus. but more delays Could hardly be iillïíziïlïfboflsti zftliiïiajlïtïgïisbiïlza. 22 for his babies, tho he work. se fish. or llum. md Democracy, explosion of SairFrancïsc o, which. vccoid of success in the Appellate Court, ¡an dm, o. mwmon ¡n ¡ha Pubnc en days a Week at top speed and If the government net ds the Copper mg u ndïcanons Was caused to ex he case wm have to m) to the thoralïirea, hake fiirther intcnsitlcri popular war proflts that his bosses have ¿n má, Bulkún, develop Pressure its ¡iickcys of authority hat they imiy have 33500 will be necessary. The Dei. unha ot ¡chakra h: incrgaaing mom filled Pi the he 15 ready ÏÜÏ 73V upon the greedy piratcs ol the mining cor. a prctcxt to persecutc the labor unions, and ense League has 33100 Oti band and more every day, noiwithstauding list will iill his bellv or strike at his the labor of their einploycs. Let the gov izcrs in the ranks. hose wisliing to help, send con Püwfl. WPEHdS 19 mslilnlïunñl EMP oppreasorsu emment Compel the Copper barons to cou Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkv tributions to Mrs. Georgia a d Rïmbhcpectable and are (luly upheld by But, the government, does not act that years have propagated aiid defcnded the Cal. tl ¡Mi fllleasïlïíxlïtglïñlïtïgatíoni t u. n law (Don forget that lt IS wayfbccause the mission of all govem auarchistpnnciples mthts Country of the es amore pp a wm. one of the better known rebel leaders right of a ltuman being to eat 15 ers, the slaves, but the masters, the mier time, end suiïeiing pcrsecution and im. and the reg ion in which they operate, considerably more fundamental es ¡mi lmllmllflne 05 ¡le tam. prisonmcnc have ever srood firm; and ours, except for some omissions. such The average wager increase memorial. This lesson is also being learn have had ¡he th ma M i r Cflllfélgt. IHCHSHFG ¡IP the wealth it has usurped, and to retard that moment, even if it be by few instante, before settliug its accounts with popular justice.
it resorts to terrorism, which has ever been the last recourse of all despotisms that plunge to the abyss, it orders the extermiñatíon of all agitation that might endauger the life oi the capitalist regime.
The United States cannot escape the tornado that is about t, o cut loose all over the world. The generation cause of the cacastwphc of the old institutions, existe here as everywhere. and it seems that the bourgeoisie in this country has a particular interest in presipltutinz, with the assaults conimitted by her government, the Revolution which. itntil not long agmappeard tobesomething with a very obscuro future. if not. alr together impossible. At the beginning of the Mexican Revolution, Americans looked upon it with diszust, and regarded the rebels who overthrew eovernment after government as idiots or bandits.
But things have changed. Mi sery and tyranny have gone to extremos in this country, and more than one american lonas to have a gun with a good dotation of amniunition in his hands.
Economic unrest ís aggravaterl by governmental tyranny. Conscription has wrought consternatíon and carried woe to millions of proletarian homes. The bouteeoisie needs men With a gun to multiply its millions, and millions of young workers shall be snatched from their homes to be dragzed to the european shambles or to serve as food for the sharks in mid ocean. The Revolution lisis reached such proportions in this country, that its approach is not only seen by thoes who sulïer the rieors of the capítalist system, but it is the botirgeoisie and even the high ranking ofiicials of the government themselves who predict it. The bourgeois paper, the Los Angeles Record. in its edition of the 21st of July publishes an editorial from which we cull the tollowing paragraph. rifice of the poor. The peo out the com.
in this country does not represent one tenth the increase in the cost of living; either the cost comes down. or the wage goes up, or we have revolution. It is impossible to magniiy the seriousness oi this revolt; it is silly to consider it a hiere flash in the pan; it is idoitic to attempt to stop it by clapping a few leaders in jail. The workers of the nation, of the world, are awake today.
and they are not going to be skinned much longer It mov be hard on the skinners, but it can be helped. The wav to stop a hunizer riot is to have barbizcue.
Thus speaks the bourgeois press. and on so speakinz does not do it of its own choice, but because environment forces it to occasionally tell the truth.
Our SOYÏOUIIGÍHES are saturated with rebellion. Spark, and then contiaorration, We are. therefore. witnessing the last zasps of a system that agonizes.
The bourgeois institutions have given all that they could give: more han than good, and the eyes of the human spccie search for new horizons.
The Revolution knocks at the doors of the neonles.
The Strike in Arizona (Translated from the Spanish section. Formlng a solid falanx of resistance, more than 500o minera of different naiionslitiei, slavs, italiana; americana, mexicana, lina, germana, etc united iii a wondertul bond of class solidariiy, have mannged to hold out on ¡triltc for two round months in the Copper minesof Arizona.
Wonderful indced, is the spirit of solidarity that dwells in the breasts of that ¡cosmopolitan mass of workers on strike, All ofihem stand tirm, all determined not to go back. all disposed to go to the end, even to revolution itself, if they are foi cod to lt by the pei secutions and brutalitics to which thev are being subjectccl. it is natural, by the exploitcrs and their Watch dog, the eternal procurar of the rich, Madam Authority lmitheyi have usurped at the sae Muznle not the ox thaifigrinddfi Mmc 3nd W575i YÜIWC ¡king minera in their Strike Bulletin of August cd iii a practical way by the Arizona strikers, for heridos the srmcd borde that ha: invaded them, asidc from the fact thai the perpetmiors ofcountlcsr asssults made upon the strikers and their svmpaiizers lu Bisbce are at large, in the oilier cities wtecklcss pcrseciition has been carried against the workers who for their activity or in any other way have disiiuguisbed themselves during this strike, arrcsting them and changing theiu with inciting riots, that a sotiunclrcl prosecumr may mauufarture testimony against them and venal jutige and jury may send them to the pen, to please their masters. Among these víiriims is found the W, organizer, Joe Oates and our comradca jose Mania Uardea, Tontas Martinez, Jose Lavandero, Porfirio Mayu, Ignacio Somosa, Finncisco Miranda, Felipe Miranda, Cresceiicio Vazquez, Refugio (Oropeza and Adolfo Paredes.
In Bisbce, even the wivcs of some sii ik.
ers have been besien and several strikers have been murdered with impuuity. The bundits who compose the so called Lnyal.
ty League, framed by the masters, havc det reed the cxierminaiion of the itrikers.
Verily, as the liullciin of the sti ikers says, The capitalists are sowing the drugto the situation and regardless ofthc dangers and consequences, they have undertaken the nnti miiiiarist campaign which is fraught with periis in these times when all clïorts are being directcd to the pmssiinizn.
tion of the United States in order the billions of dollars investcd hy the american bankecs on the side ofthe zllies.
Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkmon are two coinrades most worrhy of the Alexnnderïs lilc is in peril if he talla in the clau of the San support of us all.
Francisco Assassins; Emma, sltho o ut bull now, is also in dangcr, For the defense of both, aid can be sent to conirade Fitzgerald, 226 Latayeiie SL, Room 204, New York.
aa e Iii the San Francisco lxasrile, Remi Mnoney, in spite of being fbuncl innocent by a jury, continues imprisoned. Fickert, missuaing his power as ever, thanks to human indolcnce, and the other petty juciges and ladkeys of the lucaliiy have denied her her liberty even under bai. notwithsiniid.
ing that she should be uncondítioualy free.
This is because the canaille oihthat place mi. men, thin in ¡ht fumm 5113 ¡end hate Rena Mooney to death; and now that them to pieces, for they, with their brut ¡mi TOY M00n ïïiswt7ïkl5 bmïrlng mili»
al excesses, are hasteuing the Social Revolution, that; great leveller and justice makEl.
since it is due to their eliorts that the street car meifs union was Organized. mi which han made possible the present strike which is being so eifectively exccutcd against their exploiicrs, the hatrcd against Rena and If you don like it in this country, Tom Mooncy has intensificd, Why don you get oiitïW Average patrioiïs tnunt to for eigners. Old Dina. Nicholas and their brood used to say the same thing. but they had to As a desperate ellim to twin public o.
pinion and confuso the mares with the ailly prejudicc created among the ignorant against seat themselves, And su will have the sublime anarquiat ideal, Fickcri tries 89. ma. hem Of leí? til Pipe. The to implicaie Berkman ln this case, even ibo pickmgs are getting might. Wa. bWS his life be thus imperillcd. Fickert and Crool world, this There aire times when the? jail is the bourgeois cabals of the of are no exceptions, hcnce thcis search for more the muy ¡flaeefor. west sengreepecb victims on whom to satiate their blood ing menP Thoroau. How true of these coscription times: AN APPEAL.
swfully lust.
We have information of countlcss cases where Mexican comrades all over the country are serving prison sentencea for dating to expound their liberrarian ideal!
Fmm felloVl Elawi Wii Alï and for rcfuaing to bo trampled under loot. w ha ecdwd Ülbwhïg Among the latest ones are colmado Tomas peal for aid that we heartily indoise: Farro Cordero, now in the Florence, The Metal Mine Workers Industrial Arizqpenitentiury, Agustin Diaz, at Can. Uniona of Miami and Globe, Arizona, me ton, Ohio and Diego Peña at Waco, Tex.
engaged in a life sud death struggle with The number of assaults, injuries and the copper corporations for a living Wagc crímcs that the Kerenskies of this country and for decent working conditions, commir every day is sppalling and ímpossiver 5, 000 mine, mill and smelter workers ble to ennumerate in these Columns; bu have been on strike since July Ist, und the cases mentioned ¡re enough to show will continue to fight ss long ah they are that we live st present under the most o.
able to do so.
children need assistancrimmediïïély, Men, women and little diqyus automatic regimc, that the eiccesses ol those in power have trespsssed the limit. Translnwfí Ïmm ha spaniah Ñectioïl It is y far cry to Belgium when Aiímu (htlrsnl Calletl joatige los mytlrpilieinunh Ïllhgslespolintion of the communal hindi lO SHVC on executive board of the was (lraizged from his bed in the dead of night, in Butte, Montana, by six hired ruffians oi Capitalism and hanged in the outskirts of. the city.
Little had been extremely active in the late strikes of the miners, and that was his crimeHad he helped the bourgeoisie in soothing the spirit of the workers, preaching resignation and humílity to them, his would have been a verv dillerent fate He would have probably become a Congressman. a Senator, a Minister and even President of the Republic.
He din do so: that is why he was lvnched.
He tried to be useful to his class brothers; he tried to Wrest some advnntages from tlie purasitíc class for the workers, and the parasitíc class did not forgive him for that crime. Six maskcd rullians. tagged liiin from the bed where he reposed, and while the population slept, his life was snutfed out.
Fruitless exploit! Feebie crime! Alive, Frank little inspired Courage and life to certain groups of men. Dead, his martyrdom sets afiame all honest breasts.
Stupid error of a maddened hour.
geoisiel The death of an agitator does not put au end lo discontent. Misery and tyrannv did not go down to the tomb with Frank Little, these have remain.
ed on foot, remember that, you lords, nourishing the fiat ¡hat shall straneulate vou.
Naturally, the assassins have not been arrested. They proinenade the streets of Butte undisturbed, squandcring in dens and dives the money they received for their exploit. jLet those who do not believe that Authority is the bawd of the rich bear this in mind. Let those open their eves who are still so obstinate and so stupid as to believe that Authority is necessary to protect the weak.
The Mexican situation.
at the head of an important yaqtiiguetvilla. and that of Sibnlaume, who directa the activities of all the yaqui guerrillas which have in their ranks some 2000 combutsnts. The summary in question ia as follows. ln the State ot Tamaulipas, the Torres brothers operate with 00 men; between fllamoulipas and Veracruz, Ma»
nucl Pelaez. with 3, 000 men: between Veracruz and Puebla, the Marquez brothers. with 500; between Puebla anil Tlaxcala. Lauro Cejutlo, with 200; South of Veracruz. Higinio Aguilar, Guudenrio (le la lilave and Carballo, with about. 2, 000 men; in ubasco. Antonio Escoto, with 400; in Chiapas.
General Felix Dias. with 4, 000 tiniier his orders and niimerous groups more that: recognize und supporthimain Oaxaca. Jose lnez Davila and Guillermo Meixueiro, with (N00 mountaineors; in the State of Guerrero, Jesus Suigsrlo. with 000 men; in Morelos, Emiliano Zapato ami his cbiefs. with 10. 000 men; iii Jalisco, Juan and Jose Megaña. with 200: Francisco Alvarez, in Zn.
potlan, wilh 600; Francisco Barajas, at the sama place, with 150; Roberto Mo.
reno. in Nautla, with 300; Julian Medina, in Tuluquilla, with E00: Pedro Znmora in Amecn, with 500: Mariano Cardenas. in Mazamitla, with 150; Jose Bueno. in Zapotlnn. with 300; in Michoacan, Jose Figueroa. with 800; Gordiau no Guzman, in the coast with 3, 000: Jose Cíntor. with 500, and Inez Garcia Chavez, between Guanajuato and Michoacan. with 2, 000 men; between Zacatecas, Sun Luis Potosi and Queretaro, the Cedillo brothers with 500: in La Laguna, Curaveo. with 3, 000: in Chihuahua. Francisco Villa and Martin Lopez, with 6, 000; in Sonora. Irbulojo.
with 300 ynquis, besides numerous small bands thut actively oppose the Carranza forces. and who constantlv atraer.
towns. cut railroad lines and burn tele.
irraph posts.
In the above summary aro not comprised the numerous independent guerrilla bands that without. leaders nor izorls nor masters. operate all over the Republic.
The rule of Carranza, in fact, only exteuds to the large cities and towns, where most of his troops are engsged ln gusrding them.
From the painful lessons learned during this seven years of armed struggle, together with the experience scquíred during the long years of slavery, endured by the mexican proletsriat. come the determination of the rebels not to ley down their arms so long as the land and all the rest of the social riches be held in the hands of a few, the same way as the proletariat ot this country shall have to do, where. according to notod writer, Byron Holt. there are 400. 000, 000 (four hundred million) acres of uncultivated land. usurped by the bourgeoisie. while millions and millions of human beings die of misery and hunger in this marvelous Country ot the Dollar.
The full of Carranza is inevitable. as 17, the workers learn the lcsson that ln na, in this str called land of freedom, pre vahnted pDemocracy another lie ¡ind ¡hai of the people to wlium these had been rethe class ntruggle the masters know no law sents a battle ground well worlhy of your soicalled Order is the most diggdfuiflïiurncd by Carranza, in order to quite them but that of brute force, and that the Work cai near consideration. disorder, down and disarm them, continues unabned ers have no protection but that which is Shall we perish that plutocacy may, Such political conditions, already un b) the Wholtñalc. The last news receivn developcd from their solidariry and econo survivct. bearábicin themselves, added ¡o un 50m1 red in tbisi respect, is to the effect that 27 mic strength. The capitalista are sowing Send Contributions to Mori, and ebonomic conditions, also. created by Commtlfllïïcs the SWC Mïïhüflcflk a. the dragoifs iceth that in the tïiture shall Box 44. 5, MiamLVArizona, Tïeasuicr Des; the greed of the rich und the despotism of 119W corhplainíng OÏ having silffered that efiïtffisíïlïáïxfiy agïïïl 5332, 23. S: rend them to pieces. fensc Committee, Miami and Globe their lackeya of authority, have formed a dCHPOÏÍHïïOH at the hands of the csrranzista Ef the present capmim system ha. And how could the stríkcrs fail to learn Brnncbes Metal Mine Woriters industrial, Wrestlcsl and oppressive mmoaphcre, gene. governor of that State, who belong: to the upon the exploitution ot man by man, that lesson when they are being aubjected Union, No. Boo, raior of promising popular disconicnt and PÚVÍÍCEHÏ mi. and goes aim in aim with ENRIQUE FLORES MAGON. pie having at mi rouiiirwfiat This nation issoiusto speedtheir illa lie in the unequal dis ilv learn that the laborer is wortribution of wealth, Capitalism is th! Of hi5 hire; OTÍÍ ÍS EOÏHEÍO See nie first institution that is des a reign zof terror. a reien that tineïl to perish. martial law will hardly Dutdown.
Mexico and Russia form the. The ma WÏIO ¿amm S86 311 vanguardbt the great insurrec about him the signsof revolution, tion. In Mexico, asin Russia, right here lili CÚHIIIÍYY. ÍS audaoious hands wrest the land blindv from the hands of the hourzeai The newspaper who falls to huve predicted it before. ss is the fall of all anxious seekers of the seat o power. As we have so often repeate it, there shall be no peace in Mexico, as there shall be no post e anywhere in the world. so long es there continues to «una.