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No. 260 Saturday October G, l9ll lvlïárching On flixtracu from the Spanish section. the fraternization of the peoples.
Nong. sm ¡n ¡ms. noment and patriotic sentiment, already 9f 5up. ommofiom Abu. deteriorated thru the eloquence of ¡gary swggps the warm ¡un of events would have the effect on ¡gs 5, 133 o. un ¡puts of dying inthe proletarian hearts.
of discontent and protest, the with crave dangerto the bournatural fruits of iniustice and zeoísie. Since it no longer would tvrannv. find soldiers to defend its riches The peopks. muy wake, cloalrediu the name of patriotísm.
ed, jump to their feet. What is P Llflyd Gflfllcxfpeakrng the fatherland. they ask. to be m ¿mit mi fl woflhy of the Sacñfice of me would he worse than such confertranquility and of the life of our h m? l so. restore dicipline would he to preAnd ¡n ¡me suele years vent the fraternization between wm. me a chnsfisemcnL the Soldiers of both sides at the the peoples have learned more han ¡n a hundred ¡rs of ¡r he bourgeoisie secs wtth horThe m0, ror the fraternízation of the huarchist propaganda.
mas. e. mhz mp m, h, man raccs. The bourgeome rifice of wellbeing and the blood therland which asks for the sacwants to keep raÉe ltatred alive, in orderto exploit patriotic senof the proletariat. is concentrat 5mm law Th ed wealth, Capital, in a word, all the interests that a social casta.
a privileged class holds in its power for its exclusive benefit.
This truth is taking root in the minds of the proletriat. and the fatherland loses followers among those who have no more patrimonv than the creating force of their arms, at the same time leading the current of our ideas towards the principle of fraternity among the peoples, the principle that shall make impossible the war between the different nation: of the worldThe obstacle for the fraternizationpof the peoples. the serious barrier that arises before that human aspiration and which impedes its attainment. is the principle of private property. the prolific fonntain of discord. that makes of man the eoemypf man and for thevsafeguard of which the existence of the principle of Authority becomes indispensable.
That obstacle. therefore, is the one that is logically destined to perish if the re estahlishment of apermanent peace is desireo among all the peoples of the Earth.
The day ofíudgement approaches more and more all the time. The peoples are tired of a fallacious war, and at the most unexpected moment the great capitalista dailies may excitedly announce that the proletaríat hare opened the grave where the social. economic and political institutions who depend neon war to perpetuate themselves shall be burried foreever.
All indications are that it shall be the working class of the world who will bring peace about, who shall impose it in spite of the ohstinate resistance of the capitalist class. The peace conference that is to be held in Stockholm.
is the most patent manifestation that the popular masses have lost faith in governments, and they want to settle bv themselves the relations existing among them.
The governments. most naturally. look upon such conferences with disgust, for they realize that with them they lose their prestige as the arbiters of human destiniesjand that if they are allowed to function without. protest, itis ou a par with recoguizing the proletariat as an authority to directinternatiortlal affairs in a favorahle way to itsown iuterests as the producing class that it is. The govcrnments of the belligerent countries have refnsed to grant passports to the labor delegates designated to take part in thesaid conference. aion on the part of the vgovernSuch deci plainly seen in the words of the english minister.
Spain is the theater of violent Scenes. The workers fight the soldierv and the police ¡n several parts of the empire. Martial law is in force:. the strike Committee in Madrid isjailed; in Barcelona and Sabadell. the workers have been fought with artillcry; the lringlet has taken refugc in Santander.
In England. the labor party confronta the government and names delegates to the Stockholm conferenceCanada. threatencd with the general strike. dare: not put in force the conscriotion law.
The french proletariat prepares the second act of the Commune; the revolutionary abortion of 1914 isalesson that the italian proletariat has taken advantage ot to bring about a formidable movement this time.
The russian provisional government resorts to extreme measures to prolong the capitaltst system a little longer; Kerensky makes the thrcat that the revolutionists shall he treated with the same rigor that ther sutïercd under czarism, and in suite of these thrcats and the executions, the soldiers refuse to tight for the interests that are not theirs; insurrections multiplv in the army.
the gorernor of Petrograd dies at the hands of a loverofjustice; the dagger seek: the hcartof Kcrenslrv, and the second chapter of the russian revolution is about to open.
Before the specter of the Revolution. the Pope trembles. and sends a note to the governments of the belligerent countries proposing peace, a peace that satisfies neither the bourgeoisir nor the proletariat. because he proposes that things remain in the same state as they were before the war. The Pope secs with more clarity than the governments that the present war shall have as a result the insurrection of the peoples against the institutions that make war possible, and trembles. Hence his peace proposal. Here are the words of archbishop Bonzano. apostolic rlelegate of the Pope in the United States. By the Providencia of God says Bouzano the Pope appears in the precise moment to save the governments from anew danger that grows more threatening with each discharge of artillery at the front. Radicalism advances by leaps and bounds.
The safetv of the constitutionat governments hangs on a hair. The ¡rated the Pope continues Bonzano could he taken as a i rebellion. 4 fhe stockholm conference. al obligedp to take by force or tem. you Soevthe legally elected au. whom 135, ¡het mk of annthi. the oía political character, vrould lution what can hardly he expect fihïlïllj F113. Elf. E99. vt ¡result ¡u furtlíer st ei rówaidïértü rïskitilíón thïgvaïzïijúst net ¡de the Power Wilma been menta his created a deep resent petition to the governments. that. menttamoner the proletariat. and they give to their. peoples a real it throws widropen the doors to democracy before it is too late. and they may not find themselves Sendimoney payahle to the Editor axuuut nous naco. 84211236. Los AnzelnfCal.
and lasting peace.
The first sparlrs of the Revolution in the United States have dashed during the last month in the States of Oklahoma. North Carolina and Georgia in which groups of American Citizens.
more or less numerous. have armed themselves and talren to the fields to rcsist the conscription law hr means of force. The motto of the revolution is. The present war is for the benefit of the rich. Let us tight to death here, rather than die in the european trenclres. But do not thinkthat the Oklahoma nprising has the conscription law as its only cause: miserv is the one of lts mainsprings.
Two federal agents who ioined one ol the revolutionary organizations named the Jones Family, in order to investigate. declare tllat one of the causes for lne iusurrcctiou is the reigning discontcnt of the rcntera who have been reduced to utter venurv hy the exploitatíon of the land owners and bankers.
Discontcnt is general thruout the country. It is not the working class alone who is disgruntled and shows uneuuivocal signs of rebcllion; a good part of the burgcoisie is also disatisfied. Arrests become numerous in connection with the strikes that íncrease more and more in number and in violence all the time: for cvasion and opposition to the draft; for agitation against militarism: lor connniracies to effect armcd uprisings or for preaehinglibertarian doctrinas for the redemption of the human specíe.
but obnosious to those who bcnelit from a system based on oppression. esoloitation and miservl Governmental tyranny has un»
bridled itself to such an extcnt, that even senators and FOÜIÏCSS men show their dïscontent. In a late issue of his magazine. Senator La Follette snms up the situation as (allows: Today secretserrice men, United States District Attorneys, United States Mar thalls. United States Court Commissioners ¡ml other Federal oficial: are lrankly ahusingtlxcir authority on every hand. People are being unlawiully arrestcd, thrown into Jail. denied the right to employ counsel. or to communicate vvitli their friends. or even to inform their families of their whereahouts. subjected to unlavvfttl search. tlireatened. intimidated, catamincd and crossexamined. the most sacredconstitutional rights guaranteed to every American Citizen are violated in the name of democracia lt appears to be the purpose of those conductinu these procedure to throw the country into a state of terror, to coerce public opinion, stifle criticism. suppress discussion of the issues of the war and put a quietus on all opposition. A5 a clima: to all this. President Wilson, in his address at Washington, on June gave utterance to this threat: Woe be to the man or group of men that seek to stand in our warm.
Professor Broughton of the University of California. who was recently nrrested in Oakland for his opposition to the draft.
declared before Federal Commisioner Krull: Some laws areiso vicious. that a little chaos is the only way to get them out of the war.
John Dounelly, President of the Arizona State Federation of Labor. speaking before the annual Convention in Clilton, Arizona, recently said. referring to the assaults and abuses of vwhiclttthe workers have. heen the ictims during thelast few oioriths. v hcu. aísedvmtweien theiweak and the omite wn ra annihihté. In Tocliimil ented nlsedln self fire to modem venerable: quee: con of men: strong ip the manner done at Bis co. Puebla. com! Domingo Arena, al ¡nc with the monster ohh: pmcnt Desn agerie under the rre oftbcíx victima. nd bee. vve have reason to fearthe Well. hit Sul? ind guest of hit troopo omite lnquiútion. Thin bold challenge a ¡cod umpleoïthepmpoáfion they wn. voutcoflgeïílülifijsia beckoniug fin. wm killed by the uid revolutionius. in to American Pmssianism, from uva ot pp. narran be get tojrevíilution, and thinking the early Hays of Int September, during the mostJmvc and rugpd champions ot ¡S 144 19. 15 WWWW? i105 gleaned from the optar.
men vïomenyeilize that fact. a bloodyylranle. By orden ot Carranza, fraccion! in our mah today, comes u ¡n EMMY In! 134i hábi l! il! fl. uTh e ümc ta; passed f0! quib Cameo Curro will ¡ulmirute Arenas, that inspirador. nd stiznulus to the overwhel qm ww! h. mïmïhd blind. are not sÉEiiii nhsolute protection under thealavv. then we must do something to protect ourselves.
Refeirriog to the same situation. David Starr Jordan recently sairl ntïímeetinz: The red flagsrof anarchv are woven when the peoples thinlt. but cannot act. The olxdfttrder cracks weakened hy its own crimes. ltiends and patchesáelïorts and props are of no availr. lts fall is iruminent.
Only the deal can fait to hear the craclrle of its old structure; only the blind can tail to see the totteringtliat presages its downfall. The forces of tniscry are on foot aiidlliive set themselves in xnotionitoïvard a new form of life morejn harmony with nature.
Be all of good clleer, that we are on the lintels of a new era.
ntczutpoivuonsá htAGON. i y 1 a ¿Worklersisrtakeynoüce. The lnllfiDÏ companies of the Miami Globe district are circulating statfiejrienvls that the strike called against them Julv lst. is few mer: are working in the ptine of the, districthand, nqcopper is being piodueetta The companies are tryingtdïeispicratclv to secure competentjíminers and cannot do so.
Xvorkers, keep away from the Mininu Globc district. and vre will win our íust demanda.
Miami Globe Branch Metal Mine Workers Industrial Unitgn No. 800. Vw. l The; situation (Translated the Spanish Section. Yucatan, Ylthríi State frresleirtterl by carranrislmnas a model ot what the ¡zoatcbeardedjfichief can do for the luppineasr of all: Yucatan about which so much ado has been made in this and other countries in order to enhance the fading flaz of don Venustiano; Yucatan, the Sure so famous Car iu highl liberal ¡nd bcrlcfiáal lun, mi. wtnirrt; the State in vrbiclt th: cumminta Social Revplutitvn had implantrd rot lzl «comuniones. exilio. quality ¡nd ¡char ¡t mi gil claim. i: mtv up in mn. grimr the hfyticaízical ptzty tyrant Venus. ano Cen ¡oáftgiiring the lkrbarhyto th: canaria propagan! hy hit hircd aber ¡htc! inch ufipuein, Quintero, Jan, All, Kolland and the other cheats paid by Camara to th: vvorlm, obtain their support po: him in poner hy ¡ht ir nrxifirt aedhivaodïlted inthe han: field and, finally. Ett u. alt on ¡tm «ta.
he tu ltc bod mo, further tw: the the ahhh. Í forrnidnlalclwáalïsbrrfolution tvu hnarhcd in the toivn of Opichca, Yunrui, in the rally ¡sin ot Sep mutter. headrd by juan ll. Enzo, Providers: of the Sotialiu Corn. oírlo: Sure, ind kcundcd by Bruno Html, llcenil, Feiipc Ay:h, Corazon md mrralorbm, tvho luv: horita! thzmselva expropriaring and burning phmatioru and towns where the boorgooifle tbqupper hand.
They ¡Live atpaultcd, lootrd and bumed the follirtvinig (planutiom. naaa tp. sti. uranio cu. Martin Guide. juan ll Gutierrez and gi the same tina: taking with them Rafael Caellojacapitaliat. n! ing for a S5 ooo,. nmvonr. which if not paid in the ¡xrcmptury te. o! three hour!
ir ¡print the (Éath ¿maig of the boor vwglthoor any. Ïlheylxave rc. K thelpam ultzn ¡nd do persons lave been mtstcd and tuhjected to rnforred labor, that theyminyhivé a, y ot their own made oe y d pyVhithepfCnmnn) doetnh knorv whauadÁ to qtiellevensthnz mo rmeni.
Tor he finds himiclfrulioundtxi on ¡llrides hy ¿nlrorficirck and hlrfiarccs meet, with re. Forlirtstancq one ofhh host getfralvt, Domingo Amui, to pita mili ia. eomrnden; ed yithe rerj nme vvÏI himielf an lfrthemgn of this nation he may ¡ha be Innihilared ¡nd ar thenme ming number ofthc vtr averia; ones whom alan l tinte lave more nmu, rnunirionrlund many other valuahle elements in the hands of our southern brothers.
Ccjudo, Aguilar md other vencrunn rrbels. te taking poueuion ofall rhe elcments of war that Camnu i: sending to his toldien. Villa inflirts serious defnu to the cummins: in southern Chihuahua, new rrvnlurionary force: appear in the States of Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi, Tamaulipas and Coahuila, exproprizting everything uscfull ¡nd distrihuring ¡t among th: pruletarin. ltru. out ¡ll the hlexinn Republic the revolution continues ttitltinrffulng force. nd the situation herornn norte for Camnra as hit troupi cierren: rapidly by dcsertious. lamer and dcfections.
ln the City of Mexico zn uprising war phnned forthc I6rh of September to il:pme Carranu, tuu the plot war dixcovrrrd and Luis Mendez and othcrr rrrrued.
5o inscrure il his potizion to Ïamnu, that h: ir orgnnizing a body of too picked to have allowed the present hyneria ¡nd re S: Lïïnáflgnnïhlfivlnï. mag action ro work on their nerves and fan. M) o After reading the book tltru, ir leaves ¡mcïuïmáïbïï zïztmzgün the miking imppression of a murtroottt by ¡wn on, ouwfinlgïugbeing turned into: forum for the teaching! The han ¡ha ¡mmm mc Phil Ml hl. l. 0 l WY min of Emma Goldman and Alexander close pcrusal ofiu content: to find ¡ha! gflhmn ¡M. tu hd by. guns ¿o the form of Darkness and not the defind cu. a Mmm. un. bkn, nu were on trial, lrdecd, the pompouu york q, digniuriel «presenting the u torcer are In the American Bastiles (Translated from the Spanith section. Il.
Wnca, Tena jail, ten ing the american The San Francisoobomb cue ha; com: Mdxh u hm kw fruhing!
gía om. ri us mnoou cnsn to the extreme of beeoming international; so raw in the plot of listen and his capitalist mmm to morder the ltfooneyo, Billingt, Weinberg and Nolan that even to Ruuiz ha: extended the ¡tencia of Ihr carpa: of hbertyzamuinatcd inthia rounThe hearing of the Magno Apmen. xhtolurcly reliable and well paid, y o. he mu. nd m: mu. up peal continues amatter ot conjec fr that with the name of Lancer. Corp; will serve a1 tine body guild of the lordling ¡ccompanying him uhemer be goes.
Bot with ¡uan! or without gumi, the had of Camrm it nos safe upon his Ahouldm and b: shall not escape the just mpuhr fury nor the DOOR Gong which hall lung from the historic cvprenca of Chapultepec. The propaganda of our righteooxidealr ¡tu already made thousand: of new ndherenz; bcn: upon putting them in force; our Manifato ¿September rgid, Iqt is bcroming the program ot action among the rrvhlutionlstl and the RcvLFbg of ¡Abd Ind Liberty nurnbert a ¡till larger has: of ruggcvl yrnlzurian ¡im (lu: llull plan: ir on the torpe: of the hide our capitalíst entero.
Th. olülfln Social Economic Revolution ii going to even yan old, And i: always bnding toward: victor. u hich i: hu to ¡min for i: antic: in in bmom the amrchiit uni, th: íruiu of which ¡ball bring Liberty. Equality ¡nd Frazemhy to ¡ll the inluhiunu of thx: region, rrprdlen ot rare, scxur color. Gerrard, Cernuda! From mir pena reunen activity and hcip ofall defrnds nur speedy success! Omvardl nxntqun FLORES MAGON.
GRAND PEASANTÏ BALL. under the auspices of the u orl:er Friend Group. Saturday. Oct. IL at FLOWER AUDITORIUM. 17 20 Flower SL. for the benefit of the defense of Al. EXANDER Bl ZRKAIJXX. who is threatened with extradition to be murdercd with om hlooney in San Frrancisco.
Come to enjoy voursclvrs. how your solidarity and do your part ¡n saving Berkman lrom the iudicial cutthroats.
Good music and refrcshmentsAdmission 25 cents. ANARÜHY lll llilll lut i: pcriupt tbc mon Int id ¡mi rcfrrthing piece of literature prinxed lince the historial ¡pcrrlscl and trial ofthe Chicago Annrehixtx, is contained in AnIrclty on Trial, a boollctjur: issued, crnhaving th: court spcccbex ¡nd processiingv of the trial and convirtiera of Emnu Goldman and Alexander Berkm¡n.
lrunnot Ïall to heznen ¡nd clan the hous of rrbellion in these days of the modern Tor quemadal.
The contents oflbe pamphler are u follow: Tribute, tay Josephine Bell; some remulu and expression. by Harry Weinbergcr. the radical attomey who took ¡un in the preliminrries; lmpresuonsof thc trial, by Guido Bruno: Trial Ind convictioniof Emma Goldman and Alexander Berlman, by Leonard Abbott; Opening Session; lntroduetory Address by the Prosecoror; Berkrntn. lutmduetory Addrm: Addons hy Alexander Bcrltman; Emma Goldman. Address to the jury; Addons of the Proseentnr to the lun. pack of hallen had to leave Rusuqtm ¡f ¡M. uk. m; 13m0, ture so far. and while it had Neon cncy thatih: tvanu to carry to Europe. Mmmm f0 the mn Sep. tvnm, Caught «in. hi1 finger: in n: 3m. tember. Attorney H, Rvchmanm ¡quinua like a won n, and in ¡arder to bc charge h ¡ÁSÜvÏBCÚYCd 51. nd m, m, 5km ¡o ¿o md such notificationfand eípects the. ssoattant th: russian. mz: Rota ¡nd u. huïínr bc Calledátaíu time sin ¡with their long rails between their legv. l is mtv sending a federal rommiuicn ro invatigatc the cu: of Mooney and hi: com Ii 3, 19 rada. if much invenigaáng were ncca e 9! pnludl Stoteqtoday la a chunkiot meat ¡tual ¡uy to lvehnld Piden liclung the ton of. núrfieqflpn mA Fanny ¿uk?
the arch pcrjurrr Ozman at the tam: time. ya ¡ndA¡ ¿uow ¿una ¿Emi that h: anulan hinata y; u if great observarion tverr ncreaur) to ¡ec the partiafity of the San Francisco luthorizies in their efïom rn Wlpc our the penccnted labor ngiraton. The new attempt ¡pinar Alenndcr Batman, in trying to send him to the ¡allow with Mooncy ¡nd his rotunda, for havia; been th: En: noe to ¿mount the crime again ut them, has ¡ha ¡xarotcd a wave of proteataod indignatian in Russiamvlricb romeo a: a funhcr boost to the preuigc ofKaÍxr ïflilson. ln Prtrograde, espiral of Russia, several thousand Bolshzvikít (raácah. vote in prota: against the ¡rm! of BCXLIYIJH, dcnounrinz thit counzry. being dominan! by thfibourpara. in which ¡luv well instified. and then rrpaimi to ¡ht American Embassy ta makenhouikdemonuration; but the provisional mateshift government ¡ent troopo to prevent it.
Berltrrun rominuer imprisoard in New fort. According :0 th: robo eh: of the Luv; Batman being federal priaancr, cannot b: ertndiied to San Francisco in 5m: cue; but u the laws ¡re only so much Ioilrr paper in the lunch of the bo tirgrvoixic and iu dogs of ambority, it it ¡ustly ¡nm! tlur Batman rnny behrmgh, artdïieïvered to the band: ofth: Cannibal Ftckzrt nod bis honndr; which tvonld mean a (train death, since, nnfortnmtely, the drgenenm lite Oxman, Orchard, Mchlanïgtl, Dotul Vooe and Ill the rogurry of the nrne uripe ¡bound in this corrupto and tbmncd iociety. t?
To better dentoaurne the sort of jun.
tltt, Liberty and, Democracy that exist in this country, an unjust and hruul perseculioo ha cut loose against the l, ti. WW, Trenes, Gurley Flynn. Glonncrti. Haywood and more than 16o Industrial Work»
en luv: been ¡rmted in one day all over the country, just because a mcnial upmn hn decided that in this uy h: will end ill oppoaition to the government and ¡ll disconrrnt against tyrxznny 2nd the unbridied erploiution of the present day; but that poor oficial oyster i) ndly mirtakcn, The ¡tupid idiota in power shall end by forcing the tvorlten to ¡rise in ¡mu 10 much quicltrr. VF.
Comnde Agustin Din, accused ol ¡parking against the war, which is ten ble crime, since we must not think with our own head: but nirh thor: ofour lord ling. and tuto lanus, must have been tubjccterl to the regular judicial fare: on the zur of September. in 0inton. Ohio. mona ¡manage by the ¿od Th: com, Chu, rn vera. a We have had no iunher news of late abmm Pdmfi qumfion. mm ¡Pmhu our llll me. theme of comndc jose and tvritingt of the defcndnnu, md lay KM d h ¡Wim Pr Pm?
them to the iurv. l wúmll i y. The hootleth is a real and me iran Our old eomnde Diego Penn. honemore so tvhgn it ls to teldom, that we hear ctued ol th; srl. El ¡M5598 ¡lll. la the voice of the opprrued ¡nd the porte. own head, mlmged to ¿rape from the a model cltinenï iWoe bo to tltegmnn or ofmegí.
that reel: to sosa men way. Wilson. Cín Wilhelmheït auch zenerosi ty! Making the world safe for demo eracy. donteherknovv.
rr the radical: and pacifista mi broken the law one per cent. aa much ¿I u Woodrow Wilson and hin war gun have by making a door mat of tha, Constitution. hades of Jetfernonné: there would be no lnmp posta enoug m han us. auorv¿a. k lt ¡a disguoting enough for social Él lata and radicnlr to join the camngaij for plutoerncy. but to do lt without si word a! protect against feví profin; haga. tuning tlletnnelvu from their blood and hide, ia well. iuot a littleg mo many. With the declaratlon of the hope ngsinst conseription and in favor of the referendum for mr. what hu Kaiser Wilson tosavl Oh you Jellersonlanl u is incredible tbn. o su the Same)
that the Russian workers recent the. Mooney ootnge more than the Amerl un peons do, and thntit beidne to the just indig nation of the workers nt Rns sin and not to that of the mu. here that the horda of American justica. cil. raper have been finally forced to. take notice and loosen nppn their pre. Queer doingr. these.
No longer have the Russian people to plot and compite in the dark in order to express themselves. That only remains for such backward and barbamos countries u free America.
Happy Russia!
How would yoo like her de oi hungry potiticians with outstretched palma, hegging for your vote and after being eleeted kick you on the soft side o!
your breeeheo and tell Jon tu keep yout mouth shut or be Lhnnhed. Eh. Well. look at the Washington gang. Where Liberty ia. there lo my homefl Franklin. Where Liberty is not. there e my homeJH Palne.
Have you liberty! Rave you a home?
Don oll speak ¡conce!
The Russian workers have establishedpthe six hour day and more than double their pay. What say you, you free American peon ltis imponible to give the ooldier a mood education without making him a v i deaerter. His ndtural foe iaüthe government. that drilla hiirfï Thoreatx.
So say we. War ir hell. i. cold hloodod, whole v: sale morder, but we no» nizvv in it, and the timo to oppoae it han poned. lt il now ourduty u; do all wo jean to help it Hong. Sueb la more or leal the marvelous argumento! the Bryonr, the componen. the Russell. the Sultana, eta. ete. ln otherwordu, lt your house. ii on fire or your dear ones are being raviohed. it i: all too bathbut since it in now toolntc andyou can help ltL why, just. aa well lielpgttbqjob alohgfiït Sec. lan you best ltl